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DirectEmployers Association Software Developer in Indianapolis, Indiana

DirectEmployers is looking for a software engineer who has full stack development experience. This is a direct hire position in the Product Development department.

This full time position will be part of a team of developers working in an Agile environment. Primary duties will include back­end Python and Django development. A regular part of this role is contributing ideas and solutions to the team as they work to solve stakeholders issues.

DirectEmployers developers, or DEvelopers as we sometimes call ourselves, create and maintain a suite of applications targeted at human resources workers. DirectEmployers has unique trade knowledge and data in the human resources space including corporate recruiting, compliance with employment law, OFCCP audits, and more. DEvelopers deal with data ingest, batch data processing, real-time data processing, storage, and presenting data back to our users in a timely and relevant way. We are finding that this involves a great deal of UX research and iteration. While our datasets aren't huge by industry standards, they are big enough to present a number of scale challenges.

We empower DEvelopers with a wide scope for decision making. The decision making process involves you, your team and stakeholders. After receiving high-level descriptions based on our business needs, you will participate in discussions and research on how to build a solution.

We strive to operate in a truly agile environment, where stakeholders rarely pursue hard deadlines.

We love innovation. If you have a great idea you are encouraged to share with the team. If the costs make sense, you can start implement it once you've convinced your teammates.

You will write a lot of Python and Django code. It's helpful if you can also write Javascript (ES6) in a React + Redux + Webpack ecosystem.

We have a lot of data and keep it in a variety of databases including MySQL, Postgres, Snowflake, Elasticsearch, Solr, and more.

We use AWS services extensively including the usual suspects EC2, S3, and CloudFront. We also run some services on Kinesis and Lambda. We are open to considering other services if you think you need them.


  • 3+ years of experience in development
  • Python and related frameworks (Django or the like) or a similar language
  • Javascript and related frameworks (React or the like)
  • Experience with unit tests
  • Demonstrated ability to work with Stakeholders to build quality software


  • Professional experience using Django in a production environment with high traffic
  • Experience with search applications
  • Experience writing APIs
  • Experience with GraphQL/Graphene
  • Experience writing Real-Time Analytics systems
  • Experience with authentication systems and security
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud deployment environments, including EC2, S3, RDS, Kinesis, Lambda, CloudFront and others